Strategic Planning, Risk & Financial Management
Supporting organisations to achieve
their goals by ensuring healthy risk
and financial management and good
forward planning.
Program Evaluation

Is your program achieving as you had hoped. Are you able to meet expected milestones? If not, then our team can help.

With many years of successful project management, they have the experience and creativity required to deliver effective programs. These bespoke evaluations are designed around your specific requirements.

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Trouble Shooting for organisations experiencing difficulties.

Do you feel like you are out of answers, then we can help.

Our team of skilled consultants have many years’ experience in the community sector, corporate management and governance and are available to be commissioned to work with your organisation to problem solve the big issues.

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Assistance with General Meetings and Constitutional change

Understanding the process for constitutional change and facilitating positive General Meetings are specific skills that not all organisations have access to.

Our team is available to coach you through these issues and if needed support the facilitation of meetings.

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Small grant writing workshops

Are you new to grant writing? Then this workshop is designed just for you and will provide an easy set of guidelines and skills to ensure your submission speaks the right language.

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Tender writing masterclasses

This workshop has been developed for the experienced grant writer. With a focus on designing and communicating your program with the right language, extending your skills and competence towards larger tenders.

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Developing and Measuring Outcomes

Can you articulate if your clients/consumers are better off through your service. Using Results Based Accountability, our expert team will help you ask 3 big questions:

How much did you do? How well did you do it? Is anyone better off?

With this knowledge you can ensure a robust strategic process that will support great outcomes

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Risk Management Planning

Is your organisation being held back by not understanding their risk appetite? Do you have a clear strategy when it comes to risk management. If not, then this workshop will give you the tools you need to both plan for and manage risk.

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Strategic Planning

A clear strategic plan is vital for a healthy and sustainable organisation. Our expert team will work with your leaders and develop a strategic plan that reflects your purpose and demonstrated how your consumers are better off.

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Governance for community organisations
Supporting boards and committees of management to ensure organisations are sustainable and well governed.
Volunteer workforces
Supporting both Volunteer Involving Organisations and volunteers to experience the best outcomes through volunteering.


Hear from people who have used our services

  • Vivienne Cunningham is one of the best facilitators of governance training we have known.  Kerry and I have been directors on boards for over 15 years. This is so important for us as Directors of Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations.  Vivienne presents all her information in a culturally safe environment with no judgment of who we are as Directors.  We feel culturally safe to ask any question to ensure we are meeting our due diligence responsibilities which includes what our roles and responsibilities are as directors and how we can most importantly apply the cultural lens to these roles. 

    Karen Milward and Kerry Arabena
    Chair and Deputy Chair of Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria Ltd and Karen Milward, Chairperson of Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place.

  • The finance training Vivienne took us through really empowered us as Aboriginal directors to ask more questions on the profit and loss and balance sheets which we have otherwise missed in board meeting conversations – we are now more vigilant in our questioning and understanding which empowers us to be the best we can to steer our organisations to meet our strategic planning and governance obligations. 

    Karen Milward and Kerry Arabena
    Chair and Deputy Chair of Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria Ltd and Karen Milward, Chairperson of Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place.

  • We fully recommend to anyone that when you do Vivienne’s training as CEO of EV it will change your life and future direction as a Director on a non-for-profit board.

    Karen Milward and Kerry Arabena
    Chair and Deputy Chair of Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria Ltd and Karen Milward, Chairperson of Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place.

  • “As a small, grass roots organisation we were thrilled to be able to access such useful and positive advice on the governance of our organisation.  The 2 Governance Health Checks I have been involved in provided a firm foundation to build from and gave us confidence in where we are going or where we need to be. We wouldn’t be where we are today without it.”

    Kumari Van de Meer
    Past Chair Yarra Ranges Kindergartens and Swinburne Children’s Centre

  • Feedback from participants of VTCTA members.
    “Very practical guidance - genuine experience and passion for good governance was evident.”
    “I feel that I have been given so much governance training, but this is simply the best I have ever been part of.”
    “I feel confident nominating for a new Committee of Management (board) after undertaking this governance training.”

    Suzanne Phoenix
    Executive Officer VICTAS Community Transport Association (VTCTA)

  • “Viv is outstanding in both her knowledge, experience and capacity to deliver this material that can be extremely daunting in a way that makes everything accessible and easy to understand and apply. A person of the highest integrity! To be commended! Ripper presentation and one that has me almost panicking about how under-planned my PCA committee actually is!”

    Governance workshops delivered in 2021

In the spirit of reconciliation, EV acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners of the land and pays respect to its elders past and present.

We are an inclusive organisation supporting Culturally and Linguistically diverse people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual Communities.

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